Balance your cycle with herbs proven to heal

Elix Cycle Balance

Tune into your cycle and heal it for good

Your menstrual cycle says a lot about your overall health, and things like cramps, fatigue, or mood swings are actually your body’s way of crying out for help.

The Elix Cycle Balance is a tailored tincture of potent, healing botanicals that holistically heals your menstrual symptoms by treating the hormonal imbalances that cause them. As these powerful herbs gradually work to recalibrate your body, you can expect to feel maximum relief in 3-6 months.

  • 93% report reduction in symptoms after 3 months

  • 246 clinical trials & studies back up our approach

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"I used to get searing unending 10/10 cramps and nausea that no medication has made a dent in. After using Cycle Balance, I was OUT DOING THINGS on the first and second day of my period!… I can’t recommend it enough!"

- Alexa, Sacramento, CA

"I got my period today and usually would be in bed with massive pain b/c my cramps are so intense (even after taking 3 advils)...but as of now, I've barely had any noticeable pain! These herbs are actual magic!!"

- Leah, Philadelphia, PA

"I used to literally pass out at work b/c my cramps were so unbearable. Now with these herbs, my period is a non-event. I don’t feel as tired, moody and can actually function! If it can help me it can help anyone!"

- Cameisha, Los Angeles, CA
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Tailored for you

A unique blend
that celebrates your body

Your menstrual symptoms (and non-menstrual symptoms) might seem unrelated—but according to Chinese Medicine, they all link back to a specific pattern of imbalances within your body. For example, thirst and menstrual cramps are both indications of heat and inflammation.

By looking at all aspects of your menstrual and overall health, you can discover how your symptoms are related, and what herbs can treat them. Because you are your own best healer—Elix is simply here to help you listen to your body and understand what it really needs.

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Carefully Sourced

The best ingredients, sourced in their natural form

We only use organic, whole herbs of the highest quality—all of which have been third-party tested for purity and potency, and confirmed free of heavy metals and microbes. 

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Our Mission

Giving women's health the focus it deserves

In U.S. healthcare today, only 4% of research and development goes towards women’s health issues. Because of this, we’re stuck with the same “solutions” our grandmothers had—ones we now know carry long-term health risks.

Combining Chinese Medicine with modern clinical research, Elix is shattering the glass ceiling of healthcare to provide women with the care we need to feel and do our best, every day of every month.

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Feel the difference for yourself

Your cycle is unique, and the only way to know if Elix will work for you is to try your personalized blend. We’re here to listen to your body, adjust your treatment as needed, and guarantee an improvement in symptoms—or your money back.

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