How do I start a return?

We want you to be happy with your treatment! That’s why we check in monthly with a feedback form to see how you’re feeling. Every woman’s body is different, and while many will feel an improvement after 1 month, if you’re not seeing benefits after 3 months of consistent usage, please email us at to activate the returns process. In order to qualify for a return, please ensure that you have:  been on a subscription plan for at least 3 months,  taken the post-treatment health assessment each month provided detailed feedback about where you feel your expectations were not...

What is your return policy?

Plant-based medicine take time to heal the body. That’s why we offer risk-free returns on our 3-month subscription plan. To feel the full benefits, we recommend consistently taking the Cycle Balancer for at least 2-3 months. To give your body the opportunity to feel a change, returns can only be initiated after 3 months of usage.