How do I use for best results?

Take 8mL of your Cycle Balancer (that's about 8 droppers filled to the 1mL mark) 3x/day, in the week (5-7 days) leading up to menstruation. You may even continue to use for the first 1-2 days of bleeding.

Can I take too much of the herbs?

Yes. Please do not exceed 40 mL/day.

What if my periods are irregular?

While it might be a little harder to predict when your period is coming (and therefore harder to predict when to take the tincture), the Cycle Balancer can actually help regulate cycles. Having a regular cycle (where your period comes at predictable intervals) is also generally associated with clearer skin, less cramping, more stable mood, less breast tenderness, and—when the time is right—better fertility. If your cycle is completely unpredictable, you should start taking the herbs 28 days after you last began bleeding. This helps get your body used to the idea of a cycle. Alternatively, you may start taking...

What if my period comes late?

If you’ve finished your herbs and your period hasn’t come, the herbs will still have prepared your body for the coming menstruation. Hang tight! If your period is more than 1-1.5 weeks delayed, you may need to order more Cycle Balancer for maximum effectiveness.

What if my period comes early?

If your period comes early, please continue to take your Cycle Balance formula until you have used the entire bottle (and especially while you are still experiencing any cycle-related symptoms). The herbs have been shown to help to relieve your symptoms in the current cycle and also to balance your hormones in preparation for the month to come. We developed the formula strength to be used in its entirety with each cycle, so it is important to use the whole bottle for maximum efficacy and satisfaction. 

What if I forget to take a dose or forget to start the herbs one week before my period comes?

That’s ok! We have you take the herbs ahead of menstruation because some of the herbs take time to build up in your body for maximum effectiveness. However, some of the herbs are designed to be effective the moment you start taking them so you will see benefits no matter when you start taking them!

What if my symptoms are more sporadic and don’t come every month?

The herbs are very safe and can act preventively. Many also find that taking the Cycle Balancer allows them to have an easier cycle in general, suffering less from other symptoms such as mood swings and fatigue. If you choose, the Cycle Balancer can be taken only when symptoms occur—however, it is more effective to get ahead of them by taking the Cycle Balancer before symptoms begin every month.