Cycle Balance 3-month bundle


The Elix Difference

Organic sourcing

We ethically source organic, raw herbs processed in an FDA-certified good manufacturing facility. Vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

Clean liquid extracts

Our formulas are extracted using a clean liquid decoction. Unlike pills, powders or gummies, we are free of toxic fillers, preservatives, or alcohol.

blended for potency

Each Elix blend is a concentrated and clinically-proven formula of medicinal herbals - up to 10x more potent and bioavailable - so you can feel the heal.

Details & Guidance

You’ll receive 3 bottles (60ml each) of your personalized tincture, along with a list of included herbs.

In the week leading up to the start of menstruation, ingest 6 full droppers of your tincture, twice a day. Shake the bottle well before each use

  • Mix your dose into a cup of water for an instantly soothing tonic

  • Squeeze in lemon or honey to add more flavor

  • Add your dose to your favorite tea

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Our founder's healing roots

Lulu’s grandfather ran a hospital in Southern China, so she grew up knowing the power of superfruit tonics and medicinal mushroom soups. But it wasn’t until Lulu went off birth control—and experienced the worst cramps, bloating, headaches, and sleepless nights—that she found her way back to herbal medicine. 

Passionate about helping all women reach their highest potential, Lulu recruited a team of medical experts, beginning with her college friend, Dr. Nicole Glathe, to offer greater access to herbal medicine.

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Larissa H.
United States United States
Never thought it was possible

I’ve been so used to having heavy and painful periods, I never imagined it being different. I’m about 4 months into using my drops and each month gets better and better. Flow is a bit lighter and I don’t experience any cramping. I do take 3 drops a day every day since I’ve had bad mid-cycle cramps in the past. Works really well for my body. One other unexpected side effect is my clear skin! Since using my drops, I barely break out anymore. Literally life-changing. No exaggeration.

Alexa R.
United States United States
The only thing that’s helped me

Fantastic. It a really nice “self-care” sort of feeling to take the herbs like tea in the days leading up to my cycle. And such a relief to know that my life won’t pretty much end when it starts . It’s been truly life-changing. I feel much more in tune with my body and I just can’t recommend this enough. I’ve never had the privilege of forgetting that I’m even on my period, because the pain has always been at a 10 from the moment it starts. I’m so thankful that the gals behind Elix made healing so available. It’s absolutely life-changing.

Elix Cycle Balance Review
MaKara B.
United States United States
irregular cycle + heavy bleeding HEALED

omg where do i start?! for as long as i can remember, my period always shows up at the most INCONVENIENT times of the month - we're talking literally on a first date, during work presentation or when i'm traveling and unprepared. i went off the pill years ago b/c it made me super sick and even tho advil sometimes helps with the cramps, nothing helped with my irregular cycles and hemorrhage of bleeding on day 1 until i found elix!!! the first month i noticed my period was a bit lighter but by month 3 (as they tell you) i definitely noticed my periods were coming more consistently and SO MUCH LIGHTER. Such a blessing, thank you thank you!!!

Mayah T.
United States United States
Amazing product for improving my cycles!

I am not even making this up when I say I cannot live without Elix. I found out about it through a written review on Buzzfeed by a writer who suffers from endometriosis. Little did I know at the time, a half dollar-sized cyst was growing on my ***** (which isn’t that large if you compare to other women in my family who suffer from fibroids). My periods were very heavy and irregular. I would bleed through pads, tampons, you name it. I also suffered from painful bloating as a result. So much that someone once asked me if I was pregnant and I was in a lot of pain and discomfort. After a few months of regularly using Elix, I started to notice that my cycles weren’t as long (now, I barely notice them), my bleeding days decreased, bloating has tremendously decreased, and I didn’t need as many period products or pain medicine. Now, I cannot live without it! My cycles and the symptoms that come with it are extremely manageable. I would love for there to be a tincture from Elix to now help me with my digestion, as I did just discover I have IBS. However, my cycle balance tincture has tremendously improved my digestion/bowl issues that worsen with my periods. Love, love, love this product:)

Lindsay N.
United States United States
Life-changing product

I am so glad I discovered Elix. I went looking for alternative methods to manage period pain because Midol just wasn’t cutting it. I was spending the first 1-2 days of my period lying in bed with crippling cramps and back aches. I even had to miss work on occasion because I couldn’t focus on anything except the pain. Doctors were not able to do anything to help me. I heard about Elix on a podcast and decided to give it a try. I’ve been using it for 4 or 5 months now and it has changed my life. My cramping is now so much better. I’ve stopped taking pain killers and can manage my discomfort with some delicious ginger herbal tea. I can even exercise while on my period, which I haven’t been able to do for a long time. I am thrilled with this product and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is fed up with period pain. This is truly the cure I have been hoping for.