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Quality Assurance


  • Made from fresh, whole herbs

  • Always organic and ethically sourced

  • Individually processed—delicate herbs are treated differently than tough roots

  • Low, slow extraction—yields the most nutrients

  • Liquid form—enables maximum absorption of nutrients

  • A medicinal blend of herbs—5-10x more potent than individual herbs


  • Made from powders—key nutrients might already have been lost

  • Unknown quality and source

  • Processed together—not all nutrients are properly extracted

  • High temperature boiling—destroys key nutrients

  • Pills and powders—made with fillers and harsh solvents; don’t always dissolve/absorb

  • Single herbs—low dosage; not as effective on their own

The Elix Difference

It’s not enough to simply use the right herbs; how they’re sourced and processed is just as important. At Elix, we start with the highest quality ingredients, carefully process to extract the most benefits, and expertly blend them into a highly bioavailable form so you can truly feel the difference.


Our founder's healing roots

Lulu’s grandfather ran a hospital in Southern China, so she grew up knowing the power of superfruit tonics and medicinal mushroom soups. But it wasn’t until Lulu went off birth control—and experienced the worst cramps, bloating, headaches, and sleepless nights—that she found her way back to herbal medicine. 

Passionate about helping all women reach their highest potential, Lulu recruited a team of medical experts, beginning with her college friend, Dr. Nicole Glathe, to offer greater access to personalized herbal medicine for menstrual wellness. Scroll down to meet more of our medical advisors!