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Welcome to the family

"If it can help me it can help anyone!"

Hi xxxxxx, 

Welcome to the Elix family! 

Your tailored formula is made from organic, medicinal-grade herbs, carefully selected for their potent healing properties. This treatment is most effective when paired with good sleep, plenty of water, less alcohol and a diet of bountiful leafy greens.

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  • Monthly check-ins
  • Money-back guarantee*
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Real Women, Real Results

Every cycle and body is different, but they can all find balance with a personalized treatment from Elix. 


Clinical trials




Reduction in pain

See how these women are taking back their bodies and their lives.


Get to know the powerful herbs working together within your personalized formula. Each one has been carefully selected for its high potency and unmatched purity.

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Details & Guidance

Each month, you’ll receive 1 bottle (60ml) of your personalized tincture, along with a list of included herbs. You may choose a delivery schedule of every 21, 28, or 32 days to match your cycle.

In the week leading up to the start of menstruation, ingest 6 full droppers of your tincture, twice a day. Shake the bottle well before each use

  • Mix your dose into a cup of water for an instantly soothing tonic

  • Squeeze in lemon or honey to add more flavor

  • Add your dose to your favorite tea