Essential Takeaways:

  • Serena Fisher, 38, has been an Elix community member for 2 years. 

  • She’s been on birth control since she was 14 and she was looking for a natural way to manage her period pain. 

  • Her advice for potential community members? “I would encourage everyone to give it a true chance and take it for a full three months before saying it isn’t working. And — write down your symptoms so you can compare before and after! This was helpful for me.” 

Serena Fisher has been using Elix Cycle Balance to manage her period-related symptoms for two years now. Whether it was debilitating cramps, migraines, acne, or an extremely heavy flow, Serena had experienced it all related to her cycle. And these intense, life-altering symptoms are why she originally began birth control when she was just 14 years old. Serena told Elix, “I was searching for natural ways to help with period pain management. I wanted a more natural approach. I had been on birth control since I was 14. One day, Elix popped up on my Instagram feed and I thought, "Why not try it?” 

So, after over two decades on birth control, Serena — who is now 38 — turned to Elix Cycle Balance to help manage her cycle. And she hasn’t looked back since. 

Elix caught up with Serena to learn all about her experience with Cycle Balance two years on, and how she came to this decision. You can read more about her experience with Elix and her journey coming off birth control after two decades below. 

Before finding Elix’s Cycle Balance, what other types of treatment did you explore for your cycle?

Serena: I wanted a more natural approach to managing my period as I was about to have my Mirena IUD taken out  and Elix had great reviews and was a natural TCM which was what I was looking for. I wanted to step away from pharmaceuticals and take something more natural. My body was so used to using a form of birth control to help manage my period symptoms for so long I felt as though it was masking my period symptoms and harming my body instead of helping.  I wanted something to help my symptoms, not mask them and use something natural. 

Can you talk a little bit more about your experience with Elix? At Elix, we often tell people that they have to commit for at least three months to see changes start to take place with their cycles. What was the timeline like for you?

Serena: The first 3 months I was surprised to find that I felt like it really helped improve my cycle. I hadn’t had a normal cycle since I was 14. So I didn’t know what to expect. When I was 14, my periods were awful. I would be in so much pain from awful cramps, migraines, nausea and extremely heavy flow. I had bad acne and my period would last about a week and half minimum. So when I first started Elix Cycle Balance, I was nervous since I hadn’t experienced a real period in so many years.  I thought it was going to be awful but I was surprised. My first cycle after having my Mirena IUD removed before I started the Cycle Balance was bad but not as bad as I thought it would be. It was an adjustment. It lasted a full seven days, and my flow was heavy to medium, with the last day being lighter. My cramps were really bad at first, and the migraines and acne were there, just as I remembered all those years ago.

That was my first period without birth control. Then I started Elix Cycle Balance after that first period and everything started to improve. 
My first cycle with Elix Cycle Balance the cramping was a little less, and it was a lighter flow at the end. The second month was even better. The overall cramping was much less intense and the flow was lightened a little more. By the third month I saw a real difference. Yes, the cramping was there, but it was minor compared to before.  And my overall cycle was lighter. I had two days of heavy flow, two days of medium flow, and then one day with a light flow. I also noticed I had hormonal acne like I was used to, but it wasn’t as bad as it had been in the past.

By the fourth month, everything kept improving. I was always semi-regular with my cycle before birth control and even with Mirena — though I didn’t get an actual period, I did still get symptoms — I would track when my period symptoms appeared. However, coming off of the IUD and using Elix I have been extremely regular. Somehow more regular than before. I’ve been on Elix for two years now and I currently have a much shorter four day period. And my flow is very light!  Cramping is minor but much improved, and I do not need to take any pharmaceutical painkillers to help with pain during my period. My acne during my cycle is now so minor it’s almost not there. I am genuinely so happy I found Elix. 

What is your preferred method for ingesting your Cycle Balance each month?

Serena: I prefer to take my Cycle Balance everyday. In the morning I mix it with warm lemon water and a drop of agave. 

What would you say to someone who, like you, is making the move to get off birth control and is maybe curious about Elix but isn't sure that Cycle Balance may be a fit for them?

Serena: Just try it! Seriously. If it doesn’t work you can always stop. But I bet it helps. I wish I had found Elix earlier in life. 

Did you try any other interventions or other products before finding success with Elix? 

Serena: I was on the birth control pill from ages 14-20 and then at 20 I switched to the Mirena IUD. I would take lots of ibuprofen and use heat to help with cramps. Since switching over to Elix I have also been using Natural Cycles in combination with Elix and I do believe Elix has been a game changer. I use Natural Cycles to track my cycle, and it’s been amazing to track my cycle with.  

I am also vegan, and I also practice and teach yoga and meditation these days, which really does help with pain and stress. I try to exercise daily and always exercise during my period — but lighter workouts! Drinking raspberry tea and taking ginger has also been something I’ve incorporated, and I try to use clean CBD to help when I feel like I need it.. Before this, I  was basically on birth control just to mask my symptoms. 

And finally, is there anything you wish you had known before starting Elix? 

Serena: I would encourage everyone to give it a true chance and take it for a full three months before saying it isn’t working. And — write down your symptoms so you can compare before and after! This was helpful for me. 

Thank you, Serena, for sharing your story with the Elix Community. 


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