Powerful healing starts with exceptional ingredients


For over 2,500 years, Chinese Medicine has relied upon the healing power of nature’s bounty. Proven effective by modern research and clinical studies, these ancient herbs provide the key to a more balanced, pain-free cycle.

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Quality you can feel


  • Made from fresh, whole herbs

  • Always organic and ethically sourced

  • Individually processed—delicate herbs are treated differently than tough roots

  • Low, slow extraction—yields the most nutrients

  • Liquid form—enables maximum absorption of nutrients

  • A medicinal blend of herbs—5-10x more potent than individual herbs


  • Made from powders—key nutrients might already have been lost

  • Unknown quality and source

  • Processed together—not all nutrients are properly extracted

  • High temperature boiling—destroys key nutrients

  • Pills and powders—made with fillers and harsh solvents; don’t always dissolve/absorb

  • Single herbs—low dosage; not as effective on their own


It’s not enough to simply use the right herbs; how they’re sourced and processed is just as important. At Elix, we start with the highest quality ingredients, carefully process to extract the most benefits, and expertly blend them into a highly bioavailable form so you can truly feel the difference.

Meet Our Herbs

Revered by Chinese Medicine and proven effective by Western research, these 100% organic botanicals are some of the most powerful healers on the planet.

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Carefully Sourced

The best ingredients, sourced in their natural form

We only use organic, whole herbs of the highest quality—all of which have been third-party tested for purity and potency, and confirmed free of heavy metals and microbes. 

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Highly Concentrated

Slow, liquid extraction for maximum benefits

Each herb is uniquely processed using a multi-stage, low-temperature extraction method to yield a potent liquid that provides the most phytonutrients in their most bioavailable form.

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Holistic Healing

Blended in harmony to work better together

Finally, the concentrated herbal extracts are carefully combined into a balanced formula that is free of side effects and far more effective than the sum of its parts. 

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Discover the herbs your body craves

Your cycle is uniquely yours, and your Elix treatment is no different. Take our online health assessment and discover what your body needs to rebalance and heal.

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