Ingredient Spotlight

Rehmannia Root


Chinese Foxglove Root is a proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antidepressant, all of which aid with PMS symptoms.

Helps with:

  • Blood Circulation

  • Headaches

  • Mood Swings

  • PCOS

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How it Heals

In Chinese Medicine, Chinese Foxglove Root is a key herb for balancing heat. It eliminates irritability, nourishes the blood, tonifies liver and kidney yin, replenishes jing (essence), and is great for treating insomnia, constipation, and low energy.

In Western medicine, Chinese Foxglove Root is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that promotes liver and bile health. It’s great for lowering high blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, reducing fever, and improving mood and sleep.

Fun fact: Chemicals taken from Chinese Foxglove Root are used to make a prescription drug called digoxin, which is used for congestive heart failure.


This is one of the herbs I love to recommend to my friends that just gave birth to help nourish and heal their body.


What the research says

The combined usage of Chinese herbal medicine could significantly reduce dosage of HMG used for promoting follicle and the production of multiple mature follicles, thus to avoid the risk of OHSS.
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Rehmannia root extract has good actions of proliferation of HUVECs-1 and increase EPO expression, which is the mechanisms of nourishing yin and blood and tonifying essence of rehmannia root.
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The results of this literature review indicate that Rehmanniae Radix is effective in treating patients with various inflammatory and metabolic diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
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This study demonstrated the antidepressant and anxiolytic effects of RRE in OVX mice.
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