Ingredient Spotlight: Ginger / Zingiber

Why we love it

More than a delightful, warming spice, Ginger is clinically proven to ease menstrual cramps as well as reduce nausea, bloating, and other GI symptoms.

Helps with:

  • Cramps

  • Nausea

  • Bloating

  • Heavy Bleeding

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How it heals

In Chinese Medicine, Ginger is a key herb for warming the body, expelling cold, and resolving toxicity. It’s great for treating ailments ranging from the common cold to the stomach flu.

In Western medicine, Ginger is known to reduce nausea, diarrhea, and bloating while increasing digestion. Ginger also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anticoagulant properties, and it’s proven to reduce pain and fever.

Fun Fact: Ginger is a rhizome (an underground stem), not a root. You can grow ginger in your own garden by planting rhizomes found at the grocery store.

How we use it

“Ginger has been served with sushi for centuries as people noticed that if they ate raw fish and ginger together, they would get sick less frequently. We now know this is due to ginger’s antibacterial and anti-nausea properties.”

- Dr. Nicole Glathe, Co-founder