Ingredient Spotlight

Corydalis / Yan Hu Suo


A potent pain reliever, Corydalis is proven to ease uterine and upper abdomen cramping, and relieve insomnia due to pain.

Helps with:

  • General Pain

  • Cramps

  • Sleep

  • Mood Swings

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How it Heals

In Chinese medicine, Corydalis invigorates blood, promotes the movement of qi, and alleviates pain of all kinds. 

In Western medicine, Corydalis is used to relieve pain and has antiulcer properties. Corydalis also improves blood flow by increasing the diameter of blood vessels. 

Fun Fact: Corydalis is related to the opium poppy—however, it’s not addictive. All the benefits, none of the risks!


“The tuber is where a plant stores its nutrients. When we see a plant with a bright yellow tuber, it’s a clear indication that it contains a high concentration of alkaloids, and Corydalis is no exception.”

— Lulu Ge, Founder

What the research says

Corydalis has pharmacological properties that increase dopamine reception in the brain.
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Corydalis has alkaloids called berberine that work to decrease calcium concentration that is linked to uterus contraction.
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Corydalis has tetrahydropalmatine, which has shown major anxiolytic effects.
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Corydalis has improved depressive-like behavior through regulating endogenous plasma metabolite levels.
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