Ingredient Spotlight: Mint

Why we love it

So much more than its refreshing flavor, Mint is an effective, natural pain reliever that’s been shown to reduce stress and even help with PCOS.

Helps with: 

  • Cramps

  • Bloating

  • Headaches

  • Digestion

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How it heals

In Chinese Medicine, Mint releases the exterior and disperses heat, thereby clearing the head, brightening the eyes, and benefiting the throat. It also vents rashes and disperses stagnant, clouded qi. 

In Western medicine, Mint is antibacterial and antiviral, reduces blood pressure, and induces healthy bile flow. The menthol in mint can also be used to relieve allergy and cold symptoms while relaxing the muscles. 

Fun Fact: Mint (Mentha) gets its name from a Greek mythical character, Naiad—nymph of Mount Mintha who was loved by the god Hades. When she claimed to be superior to his wife, Persephone, the angry goddess transformed her into a mint plant.

How we use it

“Mint is an effective muscle relaxant and anxiety reducer, making it perfect for the mental and physical tension felt in the days leading up to menstruation. Try adding your tincture to mint tea for an extra boost of benefits.”

- Dr. Nicole Glathe, co-founder