The Results are in

Cycle Balance provides clinical support to improve menstrual health.

Trial participants experienced:


Improvement in PMS & menstrual symptoms overall


Canceled fewer plans & felt more productive


Reduction in premenstrual & menstrual cramps


Ease in symptoms


Better regulation of cycle


Fewer mood swings

90% of us experience chronic cycle-related symptoms.

That means the 700 million people who suffer from period symptoms globally no longer have to be told to just “take a painkiller,” “go on birth control” or “suck it up.” Because not only do those “solutions” rarely work, they could harm our bodies even more.

That's about 80 million people in the U.S. who are just “powering through” their periods every month. Yet only 4% of research and development addresses women’s health issues, and 65% of that funding goes to fertility—leaving menstrual and hormone health severely underserved.

So we invested in a clinical study to prove that there are holistic, all-natural solutions that can help heal the root cause of hormone and period-related symptoms. Because it’s time our health became a priority.

The clinical study revealed that Cycle Balance, which is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):

1. Can effectively support a significant reduction in 15 menstrual symptoms.

2. Helps to reduce reliance on NSAIDs for menstrual symptoms.

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The study design

The single-arm observational study was approved by an Independent Review Board and included 65 people ages 18-36. Each had “moderate-to-severe” discomfort during menstruation, were in “good health,” and lived active, healthy lifestyles.

Study participants took Cycle Balance for 3 months. They completed a validated menstrual health questionnaire that tracked their symptoms before, during, and after the 3-month period in order to determine the efficacy of the product.

The survey given to participants before the start of the study designated a baseline level of the severity of premenstrual and menstrual symptoms.

These symptoms were rated on a scale of 1-6 throughout the study to understand how severe these symptoms were and if Cycle Balance was able to reduce the severity.

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Cycle Balance works for 15 Symptoms


Improved symptoms

Pre-Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps

Mood Swings

Feeling Anxious / Depressed

Acne Flare-Ups


Back Aches

Other Body Aches


Gastrointestinal Issues

Joint or Muscle Pain

Tiredness or Fatigue

Weight Gain Due to Fluid Retention

Breast Tenderness

Appetite Change / Food Cravings

Pre-Menstrual Cramps


Menstrual Cramps


Mood Swings


Feeling Anxious / Depressed


Acne Flare-Ups


Over 1 Million Cycle Days Improved

How we customize your formula.

The Elix Health Assessment includes 50+ questions ranging from “what’s the color of your period blood” to “what’s your most severe symptom.” We created this in-depth questionnaire with western and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors to uncover the root cause of your hormonal imbalance through our pattern diagnosis process. From there, we determine the Cycle Balance formula customized to you.

How can one bottle address so many symptoms?

We get asked this a lot. And it makes sense because we’re so accustomed to taking multiple products to manage our various symptoms. But unlike synthetic options that only address one symptom at a time, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses a blend of herbs to target the underlying cause of our hormone imbalance, which supports the healing of all symptoms at once. TCM offers us an alternative, long-term solution for healing at the root, an alternative to “band-aid” solutions that mask our symptoms for the short-term and often lead to other side effects..

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We set out to heal our debilitating symptoms. And we had to share the results with you.

When our founder Lulu Ge went off birth control and was bombarded with debilitating symptoms, she went back to her roots: holistic Chinese Medicine. That’s when Lulu saw her period in a new way—as a helpful indicator of her health, a vital sign of underlying hormone issues. She started taking an herbal, hormone-balancing formula personalized to her specific symptoms to start healing the root cause of her pain. And she couldn’t believe the results. Lulu realized she had to share this solution with the world, and Elix was born.

We’ve supported our community with:



Transitioning off birth control

Irregular cycles

Plus chronic conditions like:




Uterine Fibroids

What motivates us to bring holistic healing for hormone health to the world? You.

Elix’s mission is to empower everyone on their hormone healing journey with knowledge, support, and solutions rooted in the modern science and ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. When we tune into our bodies and understand the clues they’re showing us, we’re able to change our relationship to our bodies and become our own best healers. And when that happens, there’s nothing we can’t do.

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This clinical trial is just the first step

There’s so much more work to do—but we’re up for the challenge. We’re focused on investing in future clinical studies, including those on chronic menstrual conditions, to better understand hormone health and help provide more solutions.

Our next clinical study currently underway investigates the effect of Elix’s Daily Harmony and Cycle Balance on PCOS. The study primarily focuses on changes in ovarian function, including menstrual cycle regularity, frequency, and signs of androgen excess, specifically acne and skin clarity. It also investigates the effect of Daily Harmony and Cycle Balance on PCOS-associated symptoms, including weight gain, bloating, fluid retention, mood, focus/mental clarity, tiredness/fatigue, and sleep quality.

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So whether you are part of the 90% of us who experience period symptoms, know someone who does, or feel just as passionate about solving menstrual health issues as we are, we’d love to have you in our community.

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