Ingredient Spotlight

Safflower / Hong Hua

Why we love it

Safflower petal reduces inflammation, promotes blood circulation, and is especially great for regulating an irregular menstrual cycle.

Helps with:

  • Cramps

  • Headaches

  • Irregular Menstruation

  • General Pain

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How it heals

In Chinese Medicine, Safflower activates blood, reduces blood stasis, and unblocks the menses to regulate the monthly cycle of menstruation.

In Western medicine, Safflower reduces pain, decreases blood clots, and increases blood flow. It also stimulates the immune system and uterus and can reduce fatty acids in the body. 

Fun Fact: Recent research has shown that high omega-6 oils, like Safflower seed oil, can increase inflammation—directly contrasting the anti-inflammatory properties of Safflower petals.

How we use it

“My grandmother used to make a liniment from safflower petals and cinnamon sticks which she would slather on anyone in the house who had an ache or pain. It’s great for sore muscles during athletic recovery or neck and shoulder tension from long days at work.”

- Lulu Ge, co-founder

What the research says

Safflower contains bioactive compounds that produce pharmacological effects such as antiplatelet aggregation, anticoagulation, antioxidation, and ovarian granulosa cell proliferation.
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Some of Safflower’s biological activities include: antioxidation, antihypnotic, anti-hepatic fibrosis, and analgesia. Safflower also inhibits the production of NO and PGE2 which can provide a therapeutic approach to inflammation associated disorders.
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Safflower strongly affects the intrinsic coagulation system and this may be the mechanism that promotes blood circulation.
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The apoptosis rate of human leukemia cells was significantly higher after safflower injection suggesting that safflower can inhibit proliferation.
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