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Cycle Balance

  • Cramps

  • Heavy Bleeding

  • Mood Swings

  • Irregular cycles

  • Bloating

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety & stress

  • Migraines

  • PMS

  • And more...

Start healing at the root

Complete the Elix Health Assessment in 10 minutes

Discover your underlying imbalance & personalized organic herbal blend

Receive your Cycle Balance before each menstrual cycle & begin healing

Get to know the powerful herbs working together within your personalized formula. Each one has been carefully selected for its high potency and unmatched purity.

How Cycle Balance® Works Over Time

Natural healing takes time, but many start to feel relief after just 3 cycles!

Common* signs of progress

Herbal healing is a cumulative process, so you might not feel big changes yet. However, you’ll likely notice brighter menstrual blood and less clotting as circulation begins to improve. Herbs such as White Peony Root, Szechuan Lovage Root, or Motherwort could be in your formula to help improve blood flow to the uterus. Some people may also begin to notice an incremental reduction in symptoms as the herbal formula is introduced to your system.
Depending on your individual presentation, herbs such as Angelica Sinensis, Vitex Berry, or Cyperus work to balance out your hormones. This could mean your progesterone is rising, estrogen is properly detoxing, cortisol spikes are leveling, or more. At this stage, the majority of users begin to experience more noticeable improvements in symptoms, such as: reduction in pain, lighter flow, less fatigue, fewer mood swings, and improved sleep.
As your hormones settle into a new, more balanced normal, you’ll likely notice the biggest improvements in pain and symptoms. Herbs such as Corydalis, Gardenia, and Skullcap are powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants whose effects build up over time to heal chronic conditions. Reducing inflammation can be the key to reducing cycle-related symptoms such as pain, breakouts, nausea, and more. During this time, many report “I finally have my life back!” and notice a lighter, shorter, and/or more regulated menstrual flow.
As you continue forward with holistic healing, you’ll likely feel more balanced every day of the month (i.e., not just around your period) as hormonal fluctuations are now within a healthier range.

* Your body and cycle are unique so you may notice improvements on a different timeline. We're here for you, every step of every cycle. Have more questions? Join a live FAQ chat or email team@elixhealing.com with any questions!

"Cycle Balance helped me take my life back" - Member Review











"After getting off of the pill, my periods got worse. I’d be in bed for days and literally crying from the pain. I’ve been on Elix for 5 months now...and it has genuinely changed my life."

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Ryan L

Age 32, Editorial Assistant



"I am six months in. I haven't had one hellish monster period in that time. Since taking Elix, I don't feel as bloated, my cramps are far less severe and less frequent. I won't stop taking Elix."

User Image

Elizabeth H

Age 37, Nonprofit Director


"I feel much more in tune with my body and just can’t recommend this enough...I’m so thankful that the gals behind Elix made healing so available. It’s absolutely life-changing."

User Image

Alexa R



Mood Swings

"My life revolves around my period... missing out on so many opportunities...after a few months I noticed a huge difference with cramps, nausea, vomiting, joint pain, mood swings, hot flashes, etc!"

User Image

Baileah R

Age 27, Baker


"Before Elix I tried so many remedies. Several doctors visits and pain prescriptions resulted in no relief. This product is the only thing that has improved my pain. I no longer have to plan my life around my period."

Skylar B

Age 26, Nursing Student

Heavy Bleeding

"Sometimes I was afraid I would bleed thru my clothes, because I would have heavy bleeding. I have bleeding 3 days or less. Before I would bleed longer. My night sweats are better I sweat less than I did before I took Elix."

Veronica S

Age 50, CX Specialist

Heavy Bleeding

"I love it. It's completely changed my life & my relationship with my period... I am able to wear tampons again. I haven't been able to wear them for 15 years."

User Image

Sharmon L

Age 40, Research Associate

And more

"I was so skeptical!! I actually cried bc after literally trying everything aside from surgery, my periods FINALLY got better. I cannot stress enough how WORTH it this is. I've eliminated 6 supplements...way more than what this bottle costs."

User Image

Samantha J

Medical Scribe

Mood Swings


"I've been using Elix for a year and legit couldn't go back to living without it. My mood has improved, my cramps are less intense, no more nausea...My PMS went from a full disruption of my life every month to being a little hiccup for a week."

User Image

Casi W

Data Security Analyst


"No more terrible bloating, the fatigue and hunger have noticeably reduced, and my hormonal acne has lessened. Absolutely worth the money. I have seen noticeable differences for the better, and it definitely works on me."

Mallory H

Age 33, Beauty Editor


Irregular Cycle

"I love Elix! I suffer from PCOS and my periods rarely came…. With Elix my symptoms have been more than reduced. The last cycle I had I really didn’t have cramps or anything!"

User Image

Jennifer S

Age 32, Student



"I have PCOS and the first 1-2 days of my period are BRUTAL... Each period has gotten easier and easier. Less bloating, more manageable cramps, less tired, and really just overall feeling like my period isn't killing me. HIGHLY recommend!"

User Image

Alexis D

Age 31, Life and Mindset Coach



"I suffer with severe Endo and PCOS with as many as 20 cysts on each ovary...nothing helped me as much as Elix. I’m on month 4, and I’m hardly dealing with any more pain...I’m so happy with my results, and I promise you will be too :)""

Cat T

Age 28, Tattoo Artist


"As a practitioner of TCM I can attest that their formulas are accurate and effective. I have stage 4 endometriosis and noticed reductions in period pain and PMS after the second bottle. They are also probably the best tasting Chinese herbs I've ever tried!"

User Image

Allison L

Age 28, Acupuncturist



"I have Endometriosis and ovarian cysts...I was constantly bloated, with abdominal + lower back pain, and very heavy long periods. I had to miss school, call off work, miss family and friend events...Elix is giving me some of my life back."

User Image

Juliana V

Age 35, Security Specialist

Irregular Cycle

"Never have I been so excited to take a supplement. My cycle balance tincture has enhanced my current cycle syncing practice...Last month was the first time I haven’t reached for Midol throughout my period at some point to dull cramps…"

User Image

Claudia G

Age 28, Movement + Breath Teacher

and more

"Thank you, Elix, for providing women with a product which roots the feminine energy in strength, vitality and power. You are healing me."

User Image

Jillian S

Age 30, Life Coach-Stamped

and more

"I started taking Elix because I was having some type of hormonal imbalance, where I would be completely exhausted the entire week before my period started. I've already had energy and cramp improvements from using [Elix]!"

User Image

Tania R

Age 40, Clinical Herbalist

and more

"I love that this product is a safe method to balance my hormones and i dont have to sacrifice my body to side effects...Thank you Elix for giving me my life back!"

User Image

Egypt A

Licensed Aesthetician

Heavy Bleeding


"[My period has] been debilitating to the point of fainting, throwing up, getting hot flashes, heavy bleeding, and having the worst kind of cramps. Since finding Elix I feel like a brand new woman!"

User Image

Ylani S

Podcast Host & Copywriter

Mood Swings


"I had terrible cramps, clumsiness ("dropsies"), irritability, bloating, etc…I started on the herbs, and they have truly changed my life. I shout it from the rooftops!!"

User Image

Clare S


Irregular Cycle

"[Elix] has helped me more than any other supplement manage my life and symptoms, getting my body back into the balance she deserves."

User Image

Hannah S

Age 22, Health Coach & Writer


How your Cycle Balance® formula is determined

Your menstrual symptoms might seem unrelated—but according to Chinese Medicine, they all link back to a pattern of disharmony within your body.

To discover your body’s unique pattern, you’ll answer ~50 questions about your menstrual and overall health, and submit a photo of your tongue. Pattern Diagnosis identifies the disharmony causing your symptoms, as well as the herbs recommended to treat it.



Natural Ingredients for Powerful Healing

100% Organic, natural herbs

Ethically & sustainably sourced

Bioavailable liquid decocotions

Highly concentrated plant extracts

Vegan, Kosher, & Gluten-Free

Free of alcohols, preservatives, & fillers

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Kimberly R.
United States United States


Honestly I had my doubts, but I decided to try a natural route for my problems. My period was missing for a whole year. Only way I got my period was by drinking birth control. But this did the trick! I get it ever month now I’m so happy I tried the natural route(:

Rachel P.
United States United States

I believe it's working!

I have used 3 bottles so far and waiting on my next shipment. I am pleased at how well it's working. I've always had heavy periods with clots,cramping, tender ******* etc. And as I get older the symptoms have gotten worse which I didn't think would happen after my teen years! I have noticed only slight breast tenderness, lighter flow, and only small clots! It's amazing! My *** symptoms have decreased so much that I can't always tell exactly when I will start! I am very happy with this product and will continue to use it!!

Felicia L.
United States United States

Love your products

Overall, I have experienced a decrease in all of my *** symptoms, along with an “easier” period altogether! The daily harmony and cycle balance are going to be staples in my routine!

Vanessa V.
United States United States

Pleasantly surprised

This product is amazing. I was skeptical, but my symptoms left me desperate to try this. It did take about 3 cycles for it to work but the results have been amazing. I no longer suffer through *** symptoms for a whole week before my actual period. I am only cramping the day I actually start!

Dotti T.
United States United States

Game Changer

This stuff is magic. I have always had pretty bad cramps, and they got even worse after having kids. I thought that was just my lot in life since I didn’t want to be on birth control, but then Elix found me through an Instagram ad, and I took a chance on it. The first month, the cramps weren’t gone, but they were definitely less severe. This is in line with Elix’s documentation, so I figured I’d keep going. By month 3, the cramps were all but gone! I can still feel some pressure, but no pain. No more 300mg ibuprofen to dull the pain! If that’s all Elix does I’d be sold on just that, but it also helps with bloating, mood swings, etc. The only noticeable part of my period now is, well, the blood. Thank you Elix, I’m a customer for life and I tell all my friends!