Essential Takeaways
  • I’m Torri (@TorriSunshine), an Elix Community Member with PCOS! 

  • Follow me through a day in my life as I navigate PCOS and discover how to maintain a healthy routine and adapt to life on the move. 

  • Learn how Elix Healing products have become trusted allies in managing PCOS symptoms and achieving a balanced, fulfilling life.

Hey there! Welcome to a sneak peek into my daily life, living with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).  Here is my typical day, filled with rituals, challenges, and how Elix Healing products have become my trusty companions in this journey.

Morning (Around 8:30 AM): My day starts a bit later than some, but it's crucial for me to wake up feeling refreshed. Adequate sleep plays a significant role in managing PCOS, so I cherish those extra z's. I also have to throw on some jamzzz in the AM. I love starting my day with some calm earthy music. Lately it's been Noah Kahan on REPEAT! 

Yoga and Stretching: To get my body moving, I begin with some gentle yoga and stretching. It's like a warm hug for my muscles, and it helps me manage stress, a common PCOS companion. As I flow through the poses, I take a few deep breaths to center myself.

Elix Healing Essentials: In the kitchen, it's time to nourish my body with Elix Healing's Cycle Balance Plus, Daily Harmony, and Ginger Aid. These little wonders have made a huge difference in my PCOS journey by helping me balance my hormones and ease discomfort. I mix them into a glass of water, and the blend tastes like a soothing herbal elixir. I do this instead of adding them to my morning matcha to MAKE CERTAIN I don't set my matcha down and forget to finish, and not get my elix in! So just putting it in a little bit of water and taking it first thing, boom it's done!

Morning Fuel: Breakfast is two soft-boiled eggs and a comforting cup of matcha. But before I sip my matcha, I take 15 minutes for what I call my "morning magic" – a moment to manifest my dreams and start the day with positivity. As I close my eyes and visualize my goals, I feel a surge of motivation. It's my favorite, and maybe my most important part of the day, because it sets my intentions!

Stepping Out: Despite the challenges, I make an effort to go for a walk. Lately, thanks to Elix Healing, I've found this activity more enjoyable. The crisp morning air and the gentle rustling of leaves make it a serene experience. I take my time, soaking in nature's beauty. You know, romanticize your life!!! We are constantly moving so the scene of my daily walks is constantly changing and I love that! 

Syncing with My Cycle: After my walk, some days I dive into an at-home workout. Trying to sync this with my irregular PCOS cycles used to be a puzzle, but Elix Healing has helped me find some much-needed regularity. I listen to my body and choose workouts that align with how I feel that day. Just cycle syncing things ~

Midday: Ah, bath time! Yes, I'm a bath girlie. Self-care is a must when you have PCOS. I fill the tub with warm water and add a few drops of lavender essential oil. It's my sanctuary, a place to unwind and pamper myself. Also after my walk and workout it's needed! Most days they are quick, some days they are long and luxurious but it's ALWAYS a bath, never a shower!

My Shave Routine: If I'm heading out and planning to see people, I've got a specific shaving routine that I execute in the tub. Hot Schick Hydro razor, gentle exfoliant, high-quality shaving cream, face oil – the works! It's all about that super close shave. The hot razor against my skin feels luxurious, and it's a ritual I've perfected over time. I get no redness or bumps!! I’ve turned this act that used to bring me so much shame and discomfort into a selfcare luxury that makes me feel good. This has done WONDERS for my skin and my soul!

Getting Down to Business: Afterward, I either Uber to a coffee shop or set up my workspace at home. My work involves answering emails, shooting videos, and getting creative with some editing. I sip on a mug of herbal tea as I dive into my tasks, creating a cozy work environment. Listen I'm a Taurus, it's who I am! haha

Lunch and Snacks: When it's time for lunch, I opt for a PCOS-friendly salad with seafood protein. Huge seafood girlie! Throughout the day, I snack on nuts, Greek yogurt with chia seeds, watermelon, cherries, hummus, and carrots. It's all part of my current health kick that you guys happen to have caught me in! These snacks keep my energy levels stable. I have felt SO GREAT lately eating like this! It's been a few months since I've been at it!

Evening: My husband is a travel nurse working nights, so evenings often find me on my own. I use this time to plan fun day trips, chat with friends on the phone (I'm a total phone person), or get lost in a good book. The evenings are my quiet moments to recharge. Every once in a blue moon I get wild hair to watch The Real Housewives (Don't judge me lol) However I usually save the TV time for when me and my husband can watch something together!

Strength in Numbers: Many of my friends also deal with PCOS, which is a huge blessing. Having a support network that understands what you're going through can be life-changing. We share struggles, laughs, and advice on what's working and what's not, creating a sense of camaraderie. If you don't have that in your life please come to the comment section of my PCOS videos on TikTok it's there for you!!

Dinner Delight: Dinner is a treat, especially in New England. Lately, I've been enjoying avocado toast with crab meat – making the most of being in this seafood-rich region! It's a delicious way to end the day, with flavors that remind me of my coastal roots. Been super into scallops and asparagus too!!  

Elix Healing Continues: To cap off my day, I have my final Elix Healing Cycle Balance with dinner. It's the perfect way to round things off, ensuring I'm taking care of my PCOS even as I wind down. It feels like a small, reassuring act of self-care. I take my Elix with just a tiny bit of water, like a shot that way I know I have consummered it all!

Living with PCOS has its challenges, but with the right routine and support from products like Elix Healing, I'm on a journey towards a healthier, happier life. This peek into my daily life reveals how I prioritize self-care, nutrition, and the importance of a strong support network to tackle PCOS head-on.Waking up exhausted, unwanted embarrassing facial hair, infertility, uncontrollable weight gain; I know at times PCOS can feel like an impossible diagnosis and has left me feeling so helpless on more than one occasion, I just want you to know, you are absolutely not alone, PCOS does not define you, it's just one tiny part of the beautiful amazing incredible person you are, and DO NOT let it rob you of living you biggest most beautiful best life of your dreams! YOU GOT THIS! Thanks for sharing this day with me!

Author's note: Hi I’m Torri, (@TorriSunshine) traveling the country with my travel nurse husband while navigating PCOS. I’ve been learning to manage my PCOS since age 13, it has been such a journey from the inside out! Join me on TikTok and Instagram as I share my experiences, proving that PCOS won't stop me from living the life of my dreams, don’t let it spot you either!

This article was reviewed by Dr. Jessica Ritch.

Dr. Jessica Ritch is a board-certified and fellowship-trained minimally invasive gynecologist who specializes in the management of benign gynecologic conditions such as abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, fibroids, endometriosis, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. She completed residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University, where she was selected as chief resident and received the prestigious AAGL Outstanding Resident in Minimally Invasive Gynecology award.

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