Going Off Hormonal Birth Control? Cycle Balance Can Help

Essential Takeaways: 

  • If you were taking hormonal birth control to mitigate menstrual symptoms, they'll likely come back once you stop taking your hormonal birth control. 
  • This is normal as your body transitions back to its pre-birth control state. 
  • Your tailored Cycle Balance formula can help heal the hormonal imbalances causing menstrual symptoms, allowing for smoother, pain-free periods moving forward. 

Why going off hormonal birth control can be uncomfortable

Whether you’re going off hormonal birth control (the pill, IUD, shot, patch, ring, etc.) because you’re ready to conceive or you simply no longer want to deal with its side effects, you can expect to experience some changes in your body as it transitions back to its pre-birth control state. Especially if you were on hormonal birth control to mitigate menstrual symptoms or regulate your period, it’s likely that you’ll experience a recurrence of those same symptoms once you stop taking your birth control. 

While this is 100% normal, it might not be 100% comfortable. In going off hormonal birth control, the body must revert to how it behaved when it had to produce its own hormone cycles. So, if there were any hormonal imbalances before you went on birth control (which there likely were if you were taking hormonal birth control to relieve symptoms like cramps, headaches, mood swings, and more), those imbalances—and the painful symptoms they caused—will likely return. 

Rebalance your hormones and heal your symptoms for good with Cycle Balance

The good news is that you don’t have to live with an irregular cycle or disruptive menstrual symptoms! When Elix founder, Lulu Ge, went off the pill in 2018, her body responded with a roulette wheel of debilitating pain every month. Desperation led her back to her family’s Traditional Chinese Medicine roots, which is how she healed her symptoms for good—and developed a way to provide the same tailored, holistic treatment for the millions of others experiencing life-disrupting menstrual pain. 

Elix’s flagship product, Cycle Balance, is a personalized formula of medicinal herbs that are clinically-proven to heal the root cause (aka hormonal imbalances) causing painful menstrual symptoms. Ideal for when the body is transitioning off synthetic hormones, Cycle Balance holistically heals the body’s various symptoms by targeting the underlying hormonal imbalances causing them.

If you’re ready to stop taking hormonal birth control but are nervous about how your body will react, your tailored Cycle Balance formula can help your body adjust with minimal side effects. As your hormones rebalance into a healthier, more harmonized state, you can expect to feel your best every day of the month.

Help your body find its state of harmony naturally with Cycle Balance. Click here to start by taking the Elix Health Assessment to discover your custom herbal formula. 

Clinically proven to improve period & hormone health

Your cycle is uniquely yours, and your Elix treatment is no different. All you need to do is answer a few questions to help us determine what your body needs to rebalance and heal.