Meet Megan: Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Elix Health Coach

Essential takeaways:

~ Elix's new Health Coach Megan loves the combined emotional and physical benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine

~ She's your go-to for what to expect on your Elix journey and can answer any questions you have before starting

~ Elix's Cycle Balance utilizes herbs that support emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing throughout your cycle

Tell us about yourself, where did you study? Where did you grow up?

I grew up in San Diego, California. Living just minutes away from the Pacific Ocean created a lifelong sense of wonder of nature and natural systems. I got my Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and my Doctorate at AOMA School of Integrative Medicine in Austin where I specialized in the emotional impact of pain and gynecological care. I intentionally went on to further study an integrative (East meets West) approach to use my dual knowledge to help patients navigate the western medical system and receive the appropriate care.  I currently live and work in Mexico City where I practice Traditional Chinese Medicine and teach auricular (ear) acupuncture to underserved communities. I am deeply fascinated with the impact plants have on a culture (food, landscape, medicine, craft, lore…all of the best things) and love knowing a place and people through the lens of the land, so it is no wonder I take so much joy in learning, sharing and making herbal medicine. 

What brought you into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine? How has it changed your life?

As many tall people do, I have a spinal abnormality that caused an extreme amount of pain as I grew into a young adult. My roommate kept suggesting I go see her acupuncturist. I was very reluctant and skeptical, but eventually went. Simultaneously, I had been suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks. I noticed after a few months that I was feeling much better, physically and emotionally. At the time I knew nothing of acupuncture’s emotional effect, but it was the only thing that had changed in my lifestyle, so I asked my acupuncturist. She explained how the central nervous system climbs adjacent to the spine, so by relaxing those muscles that had been locked up for years, my nervous system was finally able to relax, and –voilà!

I was so fascinated I began reading about Chinese Medicine in my spare time. I fell so deeply in love with the theory, and the way the ancient folklore aligns with modern medicine, and eventually decided to transform my hobby of reading classical texts into official studies. I am still so taken by the beauty of this medicine that it is as much of a science as it is an art, and I feel so lucky to get to work with it.  

What do you love most about your work?

I love how under the umbrella of being a TCM practitioner I have the opportunity to help people with body literacy and self-advocacy in navigating their healthcare journeys, and apply the archetypal nature of TCM to breakdown complicated, confusing, or disconnected stories we have about ourselves to create a more empowered and connected narrative.  Also, nothing brings me more joy than sharing and implementing the incredible healing properties of plants. I could talk about herbs all day!

What advice do you have for incorporating  TCM into our lives?

Pay attention to the shifting cycles around you; the seasons, your cycles, your patterns, etc. In Chinese Medicine we say the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm, meaning the greater shifts, trends and cycles will impact the smaller. For example, what is happening internally (microcosm) ends up being a reflection of what is happening seasonally, socially, or politically(macrocosm). Or, how what is happening in our minds can be reflected in our bodies. This natural law is why we stress to live with the seasons as much as possible, and to respect the mind body connection.

With your expertise, what are some tips for a holistic approach while on your period?

This is time to be cozy. Menstruation is the “winter” of our menstrual cycles and should be treated as such: requiring more rest, slower movement, and warm nourishing foods (I cannot recommend bone, mushroom, and seaweed broths enough). We are also more intuitive at this time, so it is an excellent time for reflection, journaling, creative practices, and ritual. Also, socks! We love socks in TCM, and that is because the meridians (sets of acupuncture points aligned across the body like meridians on a map) involved in menstruation start at the feet and go to the uterus. Cold feet makes for a cold uterus, and cold makes for stagnation and stagnation makes for pain! The only time my bare feet will see the light of day is on a warm beach, and I suggest the same for yours.

What happens in a health coaching consult?

I’m the go-to Health Coach for before you have started your journey with Elix. I am here to answer any questions you may have about your health assessment results, Chinese Medicine, what to expect, what herbs are in your formula and what they do, and help elucidate any questions you may have about what you are experiencing or how to best navigate your care.

Who should sign up for a health coaching consult?

Anyone who is interested in learning more about TCM and how to add TCM practices to their lifestyle. Anyone who is interested in how to best use their Cycle Balance or other Elix products. Or anyone with questions about TCM, Elix, or just interested in feeling their best throughout their entire cycle!

How can someone sign up for a health coaching consult with you?

If you’d like to sign up for a session, here is a link to my calendar. I look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can best help you!

About Megan

Megan McLaggan is a Licensed Acupuncturist with a Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and Doctorate from AOMA School of Integrative Medicine where she took special interest in gynecological care, community support, and the emotional impact of chronic conditions. She is especially passionate about empowering patients to self-advocate, and helping them connect with their bodies and own internal wisdom. She knows how daunting the gynecological system can be, and how often people’s experience and pain are dismissed. She is committed to ensuring you feel heard and empowered on your healthcare journey and is excited to be teaming up with the Elix team who shares these values, along with enthusiasm for bridging research-backed traditional and modern medicine for effective, individualized support.

This article was reviewed by Dr. Elizabeth Fine.
Dr. Elizabeth Fine, DAOM, LAcDr. Fine is currently the Dean of Clinical Education at Emperor’s College and has been practicing Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for over 25 years, with a specialization in Women’s Reproductive Health.

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