Why Should I Try Cycle Balance for at Least 3-6 Months? The Golden Rule of Chinese Medicine

Essential Takeaways
  • Three Cycles for Change: Subtle symptom improvements are often observed after three menstrual cycles with Chinese herbs, which focus on addressing the root imbalances rather than merely masking symptoms.

  • The Golden Rule of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Results can take at least one month for every year that you have experienced a health condition.

  • Holistic Lifestyle: The effectiveness of Cycle Balance is enhanced by positive lifestyle adjustments and stress response skills, offering a path to significant, enduring benefits. 

Have you tried everything to maintain hormone balance and are hoping for new results? By the time we get into our 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s, some of us have had years of challenges with fibroids, PCOS, PMS, and menstrual cramps. It’s led us to seek many different solutions to support our hormone health. 

Now that you are interested in Elix, you might have some questions about how Cycle Balance and TCM are going to help you, and specifically, “How long is it going to take to see any results?” Luckily we have a time-honored medical tradition to rely on to understand the path you are beginning to follow.

How Long Does It Take To Heal My Hormones?

TCM has a 3,000 year-old history with helping women’s reproductive health; however, it does work a little differently than what we are used to. So, what can we anticipate or expect?

One thing we like to talk about here at Elix is The Golden Rule of TCM. This rule tells us that results can take at least one month for every year that you have experienced a health condition in order to shift imbalances and notice positive results. Lasting change can take time and patience, but the sustainable results are worth it - you deserve to feel your best! 

Yin and Yang 

In order to understand why this rule is so important, let’s look at the foundations of TCM: the principles of Yin and Yang

Everything in the universe can be classified as Yin or Yang, including your body’s organs and functions, all the way down to your cells! For instance, Yin has a more slow, nourishing energy, whereas Yang has a more active and quick moving energy. We might consider Western medical treatments to be more ‘Yang’: things happen more quickly, and maybe we see or need more immediate results at first. TCM herbal medicine is sometimes more “Yin”: slower and more subtle but offering very deep, lasting, and consistent changes over time. 

Not a “Quick Fix” 

TCM is not a “Quick Fix”  (as in, “take this one ingredient for a fast result”). Quite the opposite: it takes time to safely and slowly establish new and functional pathways for your body, which has been habituated to many long-constructed imbalances. These are known as your pattern diagnosis, the “why” behind your symptoms. Elix uses a 50-60 question free Online Health Assessment to determine the patterns of imbalance that could be at the root of your hormonal symptoms

Through a holistic approach, including herbal support and lifestyle modification, you can bring your body into balance and function closer to full potential. Symptoms are our bodies’ way of telling us if something is out of balance and needs attention. So, if your body is functioning better foundationally, fewer symptoms will appear. 

When Will My Hormones Heal?

Use The Golden Rule to guide the timeline of your results, but not as an absolute scale. Sometimes lasting changes are subtle at first; your body has to become familiar with these new messages that it is receiving from herbs, causing shifts in pathways from your brain all the way to your ovaries and uterus. This is especially true for chronic, long-term conditions, where the rewiring can take a little longer and be a bit more stubborn. We did not develop our health problems in a short period of time, and so, it takes time to unravel all the symptoms and to reinforce new consistent outcomes. 

How Do I Know If My Hormones Are Healing?

At first you may notice subtle changes like brighter menstrual blood that has usually been dark red or brown in the past. Or perhaps, you notice you experience fewer mood swings or less breast tenderness. A majority of people with average symptoms begin to see more noticeable improvements in pain and other symptoms between three and six months after starting a TCM regimen like taking Elix’s Cycle Balance

Remember these are general guidelines and people see results at different times with things like lifestyle choices, stressors, and chronic conditions affecting your personal timeline. Some see changes quickly, for others it takes more time and some additional lifestyle or formula adjustments. 

How To Track Your Cycle 

The best way to be your own best health advocate is to note information about your cycle regularly. That way, you can track any changes, progress, patterns, or correlations in symptoms. You can use a good old-fashioned journal, the notes function on your phone, or a specialized cycle tracking app. 

What To Track 

Things to note about your cycle include: 

  • Date - the current day to track time - i.e. 4/1, 4/2, 4/3 
  • Cycle day - day 1= the first day of blood flow
  • Note and rate any symptoms on a 1-10 scale 
  • Note the amount and quality of blood - if you have clots try to compare the size with an object (dime, quarter, half dollar, etc.) 
Why Does It Take So Long To Balance Hormones?

Envision your body as a river that has been flowing over the same riverbed for many years, carving out the way the water flows in the land. Using TCM and lifestyle modification, you are slowly moving the water to re-shape new channels in which to flow. Some of those river rocks have been smoothed over long periods of time, but other areas may be slower flowing, and the banks of that river may even have been eroded. With herbs, little-by-little you are nudging that river into a different pathway. The more deeply ingrained the imbalance, the more challenging it can be to start to soften and move the riverbed and then reinforce those banks of the river.

To continue with the analogy of paths of water in the riverbed, we also know that the “neural pathways” in our nervous system can become entrenched. However, we can trust our incredible neuroplasticity, which is the ability for our brain to adapt throughout our lives, to help support us in this lasting change with hormonal shifts. 

Holistic Hormone Healing Tips 

How quickly you will see results from Cycle Balance is affected by your genetics and different aspects of your whole health history, in addition to other factors like stress response and lifestyle changes. Daily gentle exercise, mindfulness practices, and paying attention to what truly nourishes you will enhance the ability of the herbs to work. And at the same time, the herbs will help increase your capacity to respond to stress. 

Daily Stress Support 

If you need some extra support with your stress response you can pair your customized Cycle Balance formula with Daily Harmony. Daily Harmony is fortified with adaptogens, which are shown to help our body’s become more resilient to stress. Daily stressors are inevitable, but how we choose to respond to stress can make a difference in how stress impacts our hormones.   

Trusting Custom Hormone Healing 

Each person is unique, and one size does not fit all. There is no one herbal recipe that is right for everyone, no one plan that gives you the exact number of days it takes to effect changes. Furthermore, custom herbal healing takes time, but it represents to us the long-lasting nourishment of a finely cooked meal, for example, over an instantly gratifying, “quick fix” snack.

We are glad to share with you that TCM represents a very long history of success. We hope you can rely upon this great wisdom to manifest both small and great positive changes, resulting in how much better you’ll feel, with just a little bit of patience! 

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