Ingredient Spotlight

Cardamom Pods/Sha Ren

Why We Love It

A member of the cardamom family, Cardamom Pods, is an aromatic herb with a strong ability to alleviate intestinal pain and digestive discomfort by moving qi and transforming dampness.

Helps with:

  • Abdominal Pain

  • Bloating

  • Diarrhea

  • Vomiting

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How it Heals

In Chinese Medicine, Cardamom Pods promotes the movement of Qi, and aromatically transforms dampness. It helps move what we call “food stagnation,” that feeling when the stomach feels too full after eating. Whether it be from overeating, eating foods that disagree with you, or a weakened digestive system, Amomum is here to help!

In Western medicine, Amomum Fruit is used as an analgesic for abdominal pain, and has been shown to relax contractions in the small intestine. 

Fun Fact: Aromatic herbs, also called carminatives, are used to relieve what TCM refers to as dampness in the body. Dampness can look like water retention, bloating, phlegm, or an overall feeling of heaviness or sluggishness. Amomum Fruit's fragrant smell is a strong indicator of its ability to help transform symptoms of dampness.

How We Use It

"Cardamom Pods is also incredible for pain relief; it can be used internally for stomach cramps, or applied topically to sore muscles or soft tissue injury"

Megan MacLaggen - Elix Health Coach

What the research says

The consumption of A. fructus water extract significantly reduced postprandial insulin and glucose levels in healthy individuals due to the inhibition of α-glucosidase and glucose transport
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A. villosum is widely used as anti-inflammatory, gastrointestinal protection, antiobesity, anticancer, antioxidant, analgesic, bacteriostasis, antidiabetic and anti-COVID-19, etc. So, it is manifested that the fruit, flowers, roots, stems, and leaves of A. villosum can be used as a medicine, especially fruit (Amomi fructus=Sharen), as the best functional food for the COVID-19 treatment and gastrointestinal protection as well as prevention of other diseases.
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Treated animals exhibited substantial decreases in body mass, fat mass, adipocyte hypertrophy, and epididymal white adipose tissue
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It is also used to treat complications associated with digestive system and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and has shown improvement in the permeability of intestinal epithelial cells. It has also been shown to regulate the balance of intestinal flora
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