Ingredient Spotlight

Skullcap / Huang Qin

We we love it

Skullcap reduces the inflammation and spasms that cause menstrual cramps, while cooling and calming the body and mind.

Helps with: 

  • Cramps

  • Headaches

  • Irritability

  • Diarreha

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How it heals

In Chinese Medicine, Skullcap clears heat, dries damp, and subdues liver yang. It’s also used to eliminate toxins, making it wonderful for fevers, nosebleeds, coughs, and colds.  

In Western medicine, Skullcap has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is great for lowering blood pressure and reducing high levels of fat in the blood. 

Fun Fact: Skullcap belongs to the mint family, but its bitter taste is far from the peppermint and spearmint you’re used to.

How we use it

“I used to hate when my mom would make me drink a decoction with skullcap in it… It’s super bitter! But now it’s one of my favorite herbs to calm anything from cramps to inflammation to my mind!”

- Lulu Ge, co-founder

What the research says

Skullcap reduces uterine spasms by inhibiting the flow of extracellular calcium into cells.
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Skullcap is used for central nervous system pathologies, primarily by reducing the symptoms associated with hyperarousal disorders such as seizures, insomnia, pain, spasms, and anxiety.
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Skullcap has anti-inflammatory activity by inhibiting Nitric Oxide, cytokines, chemokines and growth factor production in macrophages.
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