Melody's Journey: Embracing Chinese Medicine and the Endometriosis Struggle

Essential Takeaways 

  • Melody has been on a 12-year journey to get diagnosed with Endometriosis.

  • She grew up with Chinese Medicine, but never thought it could be the answer to helping her feel more empowered to care for herself. 

  • Elix has made her even more passionate for better menstrual care and awareness.

Melody is a proud Asian-American who's also part of the Elix team (Content and Community). This is her story.

I grew up in a Chinese-American household that frequently turned to Chinese herbs for treatment, so Traditional Chinese Medicine has always been there for me. I drank ginseng chicken soup to fight inflammation, goji berry and mushroom soups at dinner, and an astringent black tea concoction for immunity during flu seasons. I remember watching my dad get acupuncture from an elderly neighbor, marveling at how no one flinched when needles pricked his aching neck under the fluorescent kitchen light.

So when I found Elix on social media and tried Cycle Balance, it felt like a homecoming. More importantly, it made me hopeful for relief from debilitating Endometriosis pain. Before Elix, my body often hurt too much to even fulfill daily needs most of the time— from going to the grocery store to driving to work.

That pattern of pain began the moment I had my very first menstrual cycle. Sometimes, I still think about the shock I felt as a twelve-year-old when I started my first period. I couldn’t believe that this would be my new normal. And I still think about the times in high school when I would put hand warmers down my jeans to alleviate menstrual cramps during the day, even though they left mottled burn marks on my abdomen. I think about the anxiety and sadness I felt when I left an obstetrician’s office, their words “I don’t know what’s going on” seared in my brain.

Just two years ago, I finally got diagnosed with Endometriosis by a specialist. After a surgery and lingering Endo pain that still left me bedridden at times, I needed a natural solution that would help me long-term. And that’s why I chose Cycle Balance — an homage to my heritage and an effective way to tackle the root hormonal imbalances in my body. Ever since I started my tailored formula of Cycle Balance, I have not only felt considerable improvement, but I also feel more aware of what my body really needs. Now I feel more compelled to fight for myself and the treatments that truly help my body heal.

These days, I still have to remind myself that I am more than my Endo belly, that chronic illness does not define me. But it’s certainly a rollercoaster of good days and bad days. Having Endometriosis has opened my eyes to the gaps in menstrual health education and the perception of people with periods.

My diagnosis took twelve years, and that shouldn’t be the norm. I spent most of my girlhood wondering if something was wrong with me, and only now am I unraveling those lies and letting the truth of my diagnosis sink in.

My experiences have fired up my passion for ensuring that nobody goes down the same agonizing path or feels hopeless about any kind of menstrual pain. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it’s a speck. I want to help everyone find that light, and I believe that Elix’s emphasis on herbal, holistic healing with science-backed results can help many menstruators feel confident in owning their menstrual health. It’s time that we stop resenting our periods and start celebrating them instead.

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This article was reviewed by Dr. Elizabeth Fine.
Dr. Elizabeth Fine, DAOM, LAcDr. Fine is currently the Dean of Clinical Education at Emperor’s College and has been practicing Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for over 25 years, with a specialization in Women’s Reproductive Health.

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