Essential Takeaways 

  • Discover tips on how to maximize the benefits of Cycle Balance.

  • Cycle changes to look for throughout your menstrual wellness journey.

  • How to get in contact with the Elix Team for further support.

We’re honored to be part of your healing journey with Cycle Balance. Personalized to your specific symptoms (cramps, mood swings, bloating, migraines, fatigue, etc.) Cycle Balance uses natural, certified organic herbs to support your period symptoms. 

Most people experience the greatest improvement after three months of continuous use (up to six months for those with chronic conditions). True to holistic healing, there are a few ways to maximize the effects of your formula! 

Here are some tips to help support your Cycle Balance journey: 

  1. Finish the Bottle each month (skipped a day? Double up the next!)
  2. Take it in the morning with your favorite beverage (coffee, tea, smoothie, etc) or meal (Pumpkin Porridge, Sweet Potato Latte).
  3. If you period is regular, take six full droppers, twice daily in the week leading up to your period
  4. If your period is irregular, take 3 full droppers daily (even during your cycle)
  5. Ask questions! Schedule time to talk with Madison, our care team lead. 👭
  6. Notice changes. Changes to your menstrual cycle as herbs take effect signal that healing is happening. Cues include: 
    • Brighter menstrual blood color
    • Less clotting 
    • Lighter flow
    • Less cramping
    • Less digestive upset around menstruation
    • Incremental reduction in symptoms

Email us at any time to chat with a Care Team member about your Cycle Balance healing journey.

Also please join the conversation on Instagram at @elixhealing! We have an incredible community we are honored to support, and would love to see you in our feed and on our IG LIVES!

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