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Cycle Balance

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"If it can help me it can help anyone!"

To balance and heal the cause of your cycle symptoms, we recommend a blend of Corydalis, Cyperus, and Toosendan to invigorate the flow of blood and qi. 

While we consider these three herbs the leading ladies of your treatment, they’ll be strengthened by a supporting cast of other incredibly healing herbs, listed below.

Please note, the exact formulation of your treatment will be confirmed upon review of your tongue photo. We’ll contact you if your diagnosis changes.

  • Monthly check-ins
  • Money-back guarantee*
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Real People, Real Results

Every cycle and body is different, but they can all find balance with a personalized treatment from Elix. 


Clinical trials




Reduction in pain

See how these people are taking back their bodies and their lives.


Get to know the powerful herbs working together within your personalized formula. Each one has been carefully selected for its high potency and unmatched purity.

Details & Guidance

Each month, you’ll receive 1 bottle (60ml) of your personalized tincture, along with a list of included herbs. You may choose a delivery schedule of every 21, 28, or 32 days to match your cycle.

In the week leading up to the start of menstruation, ingest 6 full droppers of your tincture, twice a day. Shake the bottle well before each use

  • Mix your dose into a cup of water for an instantly soothing tonic

  • Squeeze in lemon or honey to add more flavor

  • Add your dose to your favorite tea

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United States United States
Love it!

This is only my first bottle of cycle balance but I’m already feeling and seeing the differences. My cramps were always the worst, lasting for 3 days the whole day and my fatigue was insane. I took the first bottle and my cramps are significantly less and actually responsive to Advil and heat therapy. They have lessened to where I go hours without cramps and I’m no longer fatigued. I’m just so happy I don’t have to keep taking Advil around the clock. I feel like a normal human being on my cycle and I can’t wait to see how my next cycle is. Thank you Elix!

seher b.
United States United States

I absolutely love this product. Just when I thought I had my period figured out, it started changing again over the last two years, and I now experience previous symptoms with the addition of nausea 2-3 days before my period. I started to see results by my second month of use but by the third month, I was so relieved. The debilitating cramps in my legs and uterus decreased, I felt less exhausted during my period, and some of the fogginess had finally dissipated. Maybe TMI but the color of my period is lighter as there is less clotting, fewer cramps/ that scratching sensation during ovulation, and overall I just feel like my energy levels are a lot better. A personal downside is the taste, despite mixing it into things, but I’ll drink this any day over experiencing what I have for so many years and I try to be mindful as I take it and grateful to the herbs for helping me.

Olivia R.
United States United States
Life Changing!!!!!

I have only been using elix for two months but so far, I have seen incredible changes. Before elix, I had horrible periods that prevented me from getting out of bed. I would get the chills, *****, extreme stomach problems, horrible back pain, get very pale and honestly didn't think anything would be able to help me. I was hesitant to go on birth control because of the side effects that may occur. Trying Elix was literally life changing for me. I am now able to stand on the first day of my period and not live in fear of feeling like **** every month. Please please give this a try!!!

Marina M.
United States United States
Everything is better

I started elix on the suggestion of a friend, after I mentioned my cycle was suddenly wacky at at 37- it was down to every 19 days and it frankly scared me. After using elix for only one month, my cycle stabilized and has been normal ever since. It's been about 6 months. My moods feel improved too. I love this product!

Carla W.
United States United States
Totally different period

I’ve never had a better period! I have Endometriosis and PCOS and I haven’t had cramps and even the amount I bleed has decreased significantly!