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Cycle Balance

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"If it can help me it can help anyone!"

To balance and heal the cause of your cycle symptoms, we recommend a blend of Angelica Sinensis, Licorice, and Vitex to invigorate the flow of qi, regenerate blood, and increase energy.

While we consider these three herbs the leading ladies of your treatment, they’ll be strengthened by a supporting cast of other incredibly healing herbs, listed below.

Please note, the exact formulation of your treatment will be confirmed upon review of your tongue photo. We’ll contact you if your diagnosis changes.
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Real People, Real Results

Every cycle and body is different, but they can all find balance with a personalized treatment from Elix. 


Clinical trials




Reduction in pain

See how these women are taking back their bodies and their lives.


Get to know the powerful herbs working together within your personalized formula. Each one has been carefully selected for its high potency and unmatched purity.

Details & Guidance

Each month, you’ll receive 1 bottle (60ml) of your personalized tincture, along with a list of included herbs. You may choose a delivery schedule of every 21, 28, or 32 days to match your cycle.

In the week leading up to the start of menstruation, ingest 6 full droppers of your tincture, twice a day. Shake the bottle well before each use

  • Mix your dose into a cup of water for an instantly soothing tonic

  • Squeeze in lemon or honey to add more flavor

  • Add your dose to your favorite tea

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Lindsay N.
United States United States
Life-changing product

I am so glad I discovered Elix. I went looking for alternative methods to manage period pain because Midol just wasn’t cutting it. I was spending the first 1-2 days of my period lying in bed with crippling cramps and back aches. I even had to miss work on occasion because I couldn’t focus on anything except the pain. Doctors were not able to do anything to help me. I heard about Elix on a podcast and decided to give it a try. I’ve been using it for 4 or 5 months now and it has changed my life. My cramping is now so much better. I’ve stopped taking pain killers and can manage my discomfort with some delicious ginger herbal tea. I can even exercise while on my period, which I haven’t been able to do for a long time. I am thrilled with this product and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is fed up with period pain. This is truly the cure I have been hoping for.

Ryan L.
United States United States
Changed my cycle

I was having horrible *** symptoms before trying Elix. I’ve always experienced really painful periods, but once I got off of the pill after taking it for years they got much worse. The pain was often debilitating, and I’d be in bed for days and literally crying from the pain. I’ve been on Elix for about 5 months now and my periods have never been more manageable. It has genuinely changed my life.

Danielle S.
United States United States
Suddenly manageable cycles -- I will not stop using Elix

I've had dysmenhorrea and PCOS since my teens. My cycles have always been irregular, and incredibly disruptive. Essentially, I would go into labor when my period started each month, every involuntary muscle system (heart rate, digestive system, breathing) would go into overdrive, and I'd locked in the bathroom for 2-3 hours until I lost consciousness from the pain of the cramps. Not a good time. The best that conventional doctors had been able to find for me was antiprostaglandins (I'd throw them up before they had a chance to work) or birth control to suppress my cycle (major side effects, and eventually I had daily breakthrough bleeding). As the best OB/Gyn I worked with calculated, to her horrow, I was spending three weeks a month coping with my period: 7 days of ***, 7 days of bleeding, and 3-5 days of recovery. I tried Elix with low expectations, knowing I had several complicating factors. My experience has been that: 1. my periods are more regular...within a couple days of 26 days 2. cramps are -- cramps. Not passing out from unmanageable pain...discomfort and lower energy while I go about my day 3. the variety of symptoms has died down...some months I had backache, some months worse digestion, some months tender *******, some months violent headache. We've settled down to ... I feel weary and uncomfortable for two days. I take walks, go to work, take it a little easier...but function 4. blood loss has changed too: I have one very heavy flow day, on the second day, instead of starting right out of the gate with heavy bleeding for 3-4 days In conclusion, I'm not letting go of this Elix product. It's making a difference, on a cycle that I can predict. I've seen changes develop from month to month, so in line with other users, I would say this takes a few months to build up in your body. I saw enough improvement the first month to keep me encouraged, but it improved more over time. I'll continue to work with the online health review system to adjust my formulation: (a) as my cycle changes; (b) seasonally; and (c) as I get further into perimenopause.

A Elix Customer
Madeleine M.
United States United States
Elix tincture

Love it and love the taste! Huge improvement to my cycle and I think it’s even shrinking my fibroid. Still waiting for the ginger I was promised. I love ginger and I can’t wait to try it!

Giovanna H.
United States United States

I usually have awful periods with horrible cramps, pelvic pain, back pain, and occasional vomiting. I just took my first bottle and I have to say my symptoms were so much more manageable! Pain decreased by like 75%! I normally have to take 2 800 mg prescription Motrin the first 2 days of my period like twice a day and I only took one pill the first day and that was it! I can’t wait to see how the next cycles improve! Great product!